• 23/06/2024 00:41

Forecasters warned of a “hellish” summer in Europe: it is known whether Ukraine will face a drought

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North Atlantic sea surface temperatures reach their highest levels in four decades, portending hotter summers across much of Europe with an increased risk of drought and extreme heat.

This information is reported by Bloomberg, reported by URA-Inform.

A warm May is forecast to continue a ten-month trend of record high global temperatures. Scientists say heat levels in the North Atlantic have reached historic highs, raising expectations that the summer will be “extremely hot.”

In the UK, it is predicted that summer could match 2022's hottest year on record countries with air temperatures reaching 40 degrees. France is also expected to experience unusually high temperatures during the summer season. Similar conditions are predicted for Spain and Italy.

Despite this, only a warm summer is expected in Ukraine, without abnormal heat. It is assumed that the average air temperature may exceed the norm by only 1-2 degrees. However, the situation in Europe may negatively affect the harvest in countries allied to Ukraine.

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