• 13/06/2024 12:21

How long will Ukraine last without US help: Arakhamia told whether the country can continue to fight

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Report reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

Chairman of the faction «Servant of the People» David Arakhamia  said that Ukraine still has enough all the necessary resources for two months. However, the United States can agree on funding for assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan in the next two months, then the situation will improve.

«We have enough resources for two months , so we feel safe», — he said.

According to the people's deputy, a new wave of mobilization will not take place without demobilization, since additional costs are needed to equip and train people.

«During preparation for a counter-offensive we had more than 200 thousand trained soldiers. Some of them were trained in Romania, France, Italy, Spain and other countries. According to existing agreements, training was carried out at the expense of these countries», — he emphasized.

Arakhamia added that Ukraine will look for opportunities to finance mobilization from internal sources, since the situation with external financing is difficult.

«Recently, the EU adopted a program of 50 billion euros for a period of 4 years. That is, we have certain financial resources for the next four years. Last week I was in the United States and witnessed support for Ukraine. However, internal issues related to the border still remain unresolved», — said Arakhamia.

We recall that it was previously reported how much ammunition Ukraine would have enough: the media gave a sad forecast.

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