• 13/04/2024 21:28

Why Ukrainian air defense shoots down fewer suicide bombers than before: analysts’ explanation (infographics)

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This information was reported by UA War Infographics, reports URA-Inform.  

Ukrainian air defense systems began to shoot down fewer Russian suicide bombers, which the aggressor state of the Russian Federation uses to attack targets on the territory of Ukraine.

Analysts from UA War Infographics made the conclusion is that over the past 10 weeks, the proportion of enemy drones destroyed has decreased by a third.

In particular, in December 2023, the effectiveness of air defense against drones was about 90% or more. In January of this year, the figures began to decline. And over the last two weeks they amounted to about 60%.

Analysts named the following reasons for the decrease in efficiency:

— when one drone is shot down, the others change course;

— Russians conducting additional reconnaissance of the location of Ukrainian air defense;

— appearance of «martyrs» with a jet engine, which fly faster (not 180-220 km/h, but 450-600 km/h);

-heat traps on missiles that fly along with drones;

-night camouflage (painting drones black or carbonate coating).

Recall that it was previously reported how Ukraine will have enough ammunition: the media gave a sad forecast.

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