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How many TCC employees fought: the General Staff revealed statistics

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According to information released by the General Staff in response to a request from a people's deputy from «Servant of the People» Galina Tretyakova, less than half of the TCC employees took a direct part in the hostilities.

Galina Tretyakova reported this information on her Facebook page, URA-Inform reports.

It is noted that the total number of TCC military personnel who took part in hostilities is 46.2 percent.

Thus, almost every second employee of the territorial centers does not have combat experience. In addition to participating in hostilities, TCCs are responsible for mobilizing the civilian population if necessary.

It is worth noting that in Ukraine there are more than 200,000 military retirees under the age of 60, with an average age of 45 to 47 years. Despite the conscription age, only 5,410 people from this reserve are in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A significant number of military pensioners with combat experience who are not involved in mobilization is an untapped mobilization potential.

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Recall that it was previously reported that Syrsky announced large-scale changes in the army: statement by the commander in chief.

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