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How much aid approved by Congress will be enough for Ukraine: Biden answered

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Advisor to the US President Jake Sullivan admitted that the delay in American assistance led to serious consequences, in particular, the loss of Avdiivka.

Jake Sullivan reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

The official emphasized that this happened due to the need to save ammunition.

“The consequences of the delay were felt in Ukraine. Over the past six months, Ukraine has been forced to conserve ammunition, and this has led to the loss of part of the territory in the east, in particular Avdiivka», — Biden's adviser noted.

Sullivan also commented on the approval of additional funding, admitting that the process took longer than expected. He expressed satisfaction with the military aid package, but at the same time added that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are still under great pressure.

“It is quite possible that Russia may gain additional tactical advances in the coming years,” — the official admitted, focusing on the Russians’ attempt to attack Chasov Yar and other settlements in the East of Ukraine.

At the same time, he noted that the assistance provided to Ukraine from the United States of America will meet the country’s needs until the end of this year .

We recall that it was previously reported that Biden made a new promise to Zelensky: an insider revealed what they want to send to Ukraine.

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