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How Pritula was able to travel abroad: the showman’s explanation

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Ukrainian TV presenter, actor and founder of the charitable foundation Sergei Pritula admitted how he managed to travel abroad during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine .

Prytula reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

According to him, he travels outside the country in accordance with current legislation. Sergei Pritula also spoke about one system where he serves people who pick up equipment abroad.

«Pritula left in accordance with the current legislation. That is, I’m even on «Routes» I haven’t applied in the last two years because it takes so long to consider. We are on «Roads» From time to time we invite people from the Foundation to go pick up some equipment abroad,” he explained.

As for Sergei Pritula himself, he noted that he has three children, Therefore, the legislation allows him to leave Ukraine. However, when he learned about certain problems that parents with many children have when crossing the border, he went to the TCC and now has a special document that he shows at the border.

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