• 19/05/2024 02:13

How the Russian Federation will capture Chasov Yar: ISW presented its forecast

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According to analysts studying military issues in the United States, the lack of artillery and air defense systems available to the Ukrainian Armed Forces can make it difficult to capture the city more successful for the Russian invaders.

This is stated in the official ISW resource, reports URA-Inform.

The above-mentioned imbalance leaves Ukrainians in a vulnerable position, weakening their defenses and opening the door for rapid advance of the enemy. However, at the same time, it should be noted that the Ukrainian military is demonstrating activity and progress in certain sectors of the front.

They are moving towards the cities of Kremennaya, Novomikhailovka, as well as east of Belogorivka. These successes indicate that the Ukrainian army, despite the difficulties, continues active operations and even carries out a counter-offensive in some areas.

It is important to note that this activity may be the key to changing the situation at the front and creating obstacles to further advance enemy. Thus, despite the shortcomings, the Ukrainian military retains the initiative and is ready to act in difficult conditions in order to protect their country.

Recall that Zelensky told how the Russians destroyed the Trypillya thermal power plant: “We have run out of missiles.”

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