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How to identify a disease by language: doctors explained what a certain color of an organ means

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This information was reported by the “Doctor in the Pocket” telegram channel, URA-Inform reports.

Yellow plaque

It can signal disturbances in the functioning of the digestive organs, which requires careful medical intervention. Thick white plaque can be a sign of possible intoxication and infectious diseases, which emphasizes the need for diagnosis and treatment.

Gray plaque

May indicate the presence of gastritis or peptic ulcer, which makes it important to further study the symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis. Brown plaque is a signal of possible problems with the lungs, which emphasizes the need for timely medical intervention.

Light pink

It is considered natural and indicates a healthy lung condition. However, a pale hue may indicate anemia or malnutrition, highlighting the importance of maintaining proper nutrition for optimal health.

The color yellow

It may hint problems with the stomach and liver, and a white tint may indicate dehydration, flu or a fungal infection that requires timely intervention and treatment. A scarlet color of the tongue can serve as a signal of possible heart problems and blood diseases, which emphasizes the need for regular medical monitoring to maintain cardiovascular health.

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