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A special border regime has been introduced in Ukraine: what does this mean?

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Kovanyuk reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Now, to stay, live and carry out work 5 km from the border, you must have a special permit. Permission can be obtained from the State Border Guard Service.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Chop Border Detachment Viktor Kovanyuk explained that according to the law, populated areas and places of public recreation are not included in the border strip.

« If a person goes from outside the border strip to a populated area, then in fact he does not need to obtain this permission. But if he wants to leave the boundaries of this locality, go into the forest or something else, then such permission must be obtained», — he noted.

According to him, obtaining a permit also does not apply to people who are moving towards the state border for the purpose of crossing or from the state border.

«This is also not applies to drivers who carry out long-distance transportation. And this does not apply to people whose journey begins and ends outside the border strip, that is, they actually use the road or railway to travel to their destinations without stopping, without leaving the car. This also does not apply to law enforcement officers and other persons identified in government regulations «, — Kovanyuk explained

In particular, in the Transcarpathian region, such documents will be available at the headquarters of 27 (Mukachevo) and 94 border detachments (Chop).

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