• 19/04/2024 04:36

Biden commented on airstrikes in Yemen: statement by the US President

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This information was reported by the White House website, URA-Inform reports.  

US President Joe Biden  said that today, at his direction, US military forces, together with the United Kingdom and with the support of Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands, successfully carried out strikes on a number of targets in Yemen.

He said they were used by Houthi rebels to threaten freedom of navigation in one of the world's most important waterways.

& #171;These strikes are a direct response to the unprecedented Houthi attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea, including the use of anti-ship ballistic missiles for the first time in history», the report said.

At the same time Biden stressed that he will not hesitate to direct further measures to protect people and the free flow of international trade, if necessary.

 Recall that it was previously reported that one of the top ten global risks of 2024 concerns Ukraine: The Time announced probable forecast.

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