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Thunderstorm in winter in Kyiv: weather forecaster Didenko explained what is causing the rare phenomenon

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Natalya Didenko reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

On Thursday, January 11, in the evening, residents of Kyiv had the opportunity to observe a rare natural phenomenon. Forecaster Natalya Didenko explained that in  meteorology it is called a snow thunderstorm, that is, when snow falls instead of a rain shower.

«Dear Kiev residents! Don't worry. Indeed, it looked like it was a thunderstorm. In winter it is extremely rare, but it happens», — she noted.

According to her, an atmospheric front is passing over Ukraine. The air will blow cold, that is, the atmosphere is filled with cold northern air, which collided with the moist currents of the atmospheric front. Such a collision provoked a thunderstorm.

«It happens. Called in meteorology — snow storm, when instead of rain it snows. I hope that our respective services will explain it better. More extensive and detailed. And you shouldn’t drag superstitions, omens and folk horror stories into this storm», — the weather forecaster explained.

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