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How to “reboot” the brain: scientists have named a simple action that can do this

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Scientists have named a simple action that can «reboot» human brain.

This information was reported by T4, reports URA-Inform.  

Scientists from the University of Rochester have come to interesting conclusions about a common action like blinking, which may help to «reboot» brain.

Published results in the journal PNAS indicate that blinking not only moistens the eye, but also increases the intensity of visual signals, improving the brain's processing of information.

The study included young participants We observed images with different levels of contrast. Specialized equipment recorded their vision, demonstrating that blinking increases the strength and brightness of the visual signal reaching the retina.

This effect was observed during both involuntary and conscious blinking, helping to process input more efficiently. Additionally, the findings highlight the role of blinking in reformatting and updating visual information before it is processed by the brain.

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