• 17/06/2024 20:34

How to recognize Alzheimer's disease at an early stage: scientists have identified an unusual symptom

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Scientists have discovered an unexpected symptom of the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

This information was reported by Storinka, reports ” URA-Inform”.  

They noted that people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease often admitted to experiencing unexplained anxiety when surveyed.

It is this unusual symptom of unexplained anxiety in people over 60 that may indicate at the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, experts noted.

“Anxiety for no apparent reason together with early symptoms of short-term memory loss should be alarming, since these symptoms indicate the early stages of dementia,” — they said.

According to experts, painful anxiety is not like “natural anxiety.” Moreover, it can manifest itself long before the first obvious symptoms.

“People with diagnosed Alzheimer's disease, during the interview, they often admitted that they experienced incomprehensible anxiety and recorded the first cases of loss of short-term memory 18 months or even two years before obvious problems,” — McSweeney noted.

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