• 25/06/2024 11:25

Ukraine will change its approach to war: the Ministry of Defense warned that it will begin on May 18

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The Ministry of Defense of the Ukrainian state has received a rather alarming statement about the immediate prospects for the civilian population.

This information was reported by the telegram news service of Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that on May 18, some innovations related to the mobilization processes of ordinary citizens of the country will come into force. According to a representative of the Ministry of Defense, it is from May 18, when the law on mobilization will be updated, that the approach to military operations will change.

“The story when some fight and others live their peaceful lives is obviously coming to an end,” — it is briefly stated at the end of the message.

However, it is unknown what is hidden behind the above-mentioned promises. What is known is that there is growing discontent in Ukrainian society due to the mobilization and actions of employees of territorial recruitment centers.

However, unfortunately, no one knows the exact date of the end of the war and many Ukrainians have already died on the battlefield.< /p>

As previously reported, Russian troops are increasing their military presence at another border: details from the General Staff.

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