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How to restore the liver in case of obesity: German doctors gave four tips

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All negative changes in the obese liver at the stage of steatosis are reversible when certain recommendations are followed, doctors emphasize.

This information was reported by Ua-novosti, URA-Inform reports.  

Experts representing the German Liver Foundation gave four tips for recovery in case of obesity (fatty hepatosis). Doctors state that fatty liver disease goes through several stages of its own development.

The essence of the pathological process is the accumulation of fats (mainly triglycerides) by liver cells. As obesity develops, scarring of its tissue, fibrosis, and cirrhosis develop.

According to the Foundation's experts, therapeutic measures taken at the initial stage of fatty liver can effectively contribute to the restoration of the organ and its release from fat. Mainly, you need to change your lifestyle, eating habits, and level of physical activity.

Four tips from German doctors to help restore the liver

1. It is important to consume enough vitamin E. Its sources are unrefined vegetable oils, including sunflower.

2. Reduce your intake of added sugar. The diet should include foods that do not contain added sugar – berries, vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, herbs.

3.Drink clean liquid. We are talking about strictly unsweetened water, tea, coffee.

4.Increase the amount of lean protein. Doctors advise eating lean meats and legumes.

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