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The Russian Federation urgently began to transfer forces from the front: Bloomberg found out what happened

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According to information from Bloomberg, the Russian Federation is forced to conduct a partial retreat of troops from Ukraine to transfer them to the Belgorod region.

This information is presented by the above-mentioned publication, reports URA-Inform.

This decision was caused by the active actions of the Russian liberation forces on the border with the Belgorod region, which forced the Russian army to weaken its front on Ukrainian territory.

The occupation forces that were present on the Ukrainian front are now withdrawing to defend Russian interior territories. The move sheds light on changing military dynamics and highlights the complexity of the situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine.

Reports of a war organized by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin against Ukraine are causing alarm and panic among the local population in the Belgorod region. Residents describe life as a nightmare and a sense of panic sweeping the region.

Villages along the border have been emptied and intense fighting has destroyed some of the infrastructure. People who have the opportunity are leaving the conflict zone, seeking to find safety in other places.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, stated the need to ensure the safety of residents of the Belgorod region. He acknowledged the problem and stated his readiness to take the necessary measures to protect the regional population.

However, the transfer of additional forces to the Belgorod region may indicate serious difficulties in maintaining the situation on the Ukrainian front. The attacks on Belgorod draw attention to the Kremlin's inability to provide security on its territory.

While the exact number of troops deployed remains unknown, the situation in the Belgorod region continues to escalate, leaving room for worrying speculation about the future of the region.

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