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Hungary made a decision regarding men from Ukraine: it is known whether to expect deportation

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Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Simien announced that Hungary is not going to deport refugees from Ukraine in order to increase mobilization. He noted that every Ukrainian refugee in Hungary has the right to freedom of choice: to stay in the country, move to the West or return back.

URA-Inform reports this, citing atv.hu.

URA-Inform reports this, citing atv.hu.

“Hungary gives people freedom of choice. We are not going to force Ukrainians back to Ukraine. Every person deserves basic support and rights protection,” — Simien emphasized.

It is worth noting that Poland and Lithuania turned out to be more responsive to Ukraine’s calls. These countries continue to discuss plans to send Ukrainian men to their homeland. It is noted that this should help Ukraine remain a reliable shield of Europe. However, final decisions on the return of Ukrainians to their native lands have not yet been made.

We remind you that Ukrainians should wait for a meeting with the police on memorial days: they are aware of inspections of cemeteries.

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