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Does Ukraine need PMCs, and what are the risks: experts recognized a certain threat

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According to the head of the Information Defense project, Igor Zhdanov, the creation of private military companies in Ukraine can pose a danger to public order and destabilize the situation in the country.

URA-Inform reports this, citing UNIAN.

Zhdanov argues that the state must maintain a monopoly on the use of armed forces to defend the state. In his opinion, private military companies can create additional threats to law and order, since they can be difficult to control.

“I want to emphasize that PMCs will definitely have dangerous types of weapons. Now Ukraine strictly controls the issue of weapons proliferation, but with the advent of private military operations, this aspect will become problematic,” — the expert noted.

Zhdanov emphasized that in Ukraine there are restrictions on the use of firearms, and private security companies do not have the right to use them. He also notes that the issue of creating private military companies is widely discussed in the world, but they differ from private military companies in Russia.

“We saw how difficult it was for Russia to cope with its own PMCs. Other countries take a more careful approach to PMCs and do not give them the right to operate on the territory of their home country. They are used only for individual military missions in other states. But for Ukraine, PMCs can bring more problems than benefits. The monopoly on the defense of the country should be in the hands of the government,” — the expert concluded.

Recall that the Main Intelligence Directorate warned Ukrainians about a new wave of Russian IPSO: what the enemy is preparing.

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