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In Kyiv, in the metro, a military man became ill due to concussion: the doctors did not know how to react (video)

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This information was reported by Informator, reports URA-Inform.  

A video has appeared on the Internet that recorded an incident that occurred in the Kiev metro. The creator of the video claims that at the station «Polytechnicheskaya» there was an unfortunate episode involving a serviceman.

The footage shows a soldier lying on the floor, in a state of anxiety on the cement floor and moaning, while he is surrounded by a group of people. Medical specialists were present at the scene, however, according to the author of the video, they did not show much haste to provide assistance.

Nearby was a medic who participated in the telephone conversation. The man's voice behind the scenes addressed the medical staff, but they did not respond to his appeal.

According to the author of the video, paramedics seemed uncertain about the next steps to take to help the shell-shocked soldier. He also suggests that medical staff seemed frightened by possible aggression from the victim, who, according to him, posed a physical threat.

« We ask you to provide maximum assistance to the military, especially to people with disabilities and after severe wounds, many of them will require our support and help for life,” the author of the video addresses the Ukrainians.

We recall that it was previously reported how much it would cost Ukraine to mobilize 500 thousand people: in The Rada was quoted a huge sum.

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