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In Latvia, conscription into the army was carried out in a unique way: how the selection was carried out

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This information was reported by LSM, reports URA-Inform.  

Due to a shortage of volunteers in Latvia, conscripts were recruited into the army in an unusual way. In particular, for military service, the Ministry of Defense of the country decided to hold a lottery among those liable for military service to select 300 new conscripts.

It is reported that conscripts were assigned a serial number and then selected among them using a random number generation tool. The draw was broadcast live.

To monitor possible violations, an observation commission was prepared. According to the ministry, the selection was successful, and summonses will begin to arrive from the end of January. All conscripts will undergo a medical examination, and new soldiers are expected to be ready for service by April 12.

Conscripts will be paid 300 euros per month for service, and volunteers will be paid 600 euros. The difference between the payments is aimed at stimulating Latvians to join the army on their own.

Recall that it was previously reported that Kulebe responded to the idea of ​​fighting with the Russian Federation with shovels: a famous person in the West decided to speak out.

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