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In the Zhytomyr region, a mother bit her six-month-old daughter: how she was punished

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In the Zhytomyr region, a 25-year-old woman bit her six-month-old daughter.

This information was reported by the press -service of the Berdichevsky city district court of the Zhytomyr region, reports URA-Inform.  

It is known that a mother bit her six-month-old daughter twice within a week in winter. In total, the child suffered almost fifty injuries, from which he experienced severe physical pain and discomfort.

Forensic psychiatric examination established that the woman was fully aware of what she was doing and what consequences her actions would have. In addition, she admitted her guilt and explained that she bit the girl to calm her down when she cried a lot. According to the defendant, after the birth of her daughter, she experienced postpartum depression, although she did not turn to doctors for help.

The case was considered in a closed court session. It is indicated that the court found her guilty and sentenced the woman to four years in prison with a probationary period of two years. When imposing the punishment, the court took into account that the accused had not been previously convicted, admitted guilt and sincerely repented of what she had done.

The verdict did not enter into legal force, therefore it can be appealed. The further fate of the six-month-old child will be decided by another court.

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