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Queues at the Kyiv TCC: Ukrainians complain that it is impossible to update data (photo)

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Despite the fact that the new law on mobilization in Ukraine has not yet entered into force, long lines have already begun to form at the TCC.

Yulia Bartle reported this information on Facebook, reports URA-Inform.  

Because of this, not everyone has time to update their data, and some men have to come several times. The mother of one of the conscripts, Julia Bartle, shared information about this. According to her, up to a hundred people have been queuing there for several days, but due to the short working day, not everyone has time to get an appointment.

«9.30 reception at the military registration and enlistment office, which should be from 9.00 to 13.00, until now hasn't started yet. Today, no more than 10-20 people will be able to get to the military registration and enlistment office. Yesterday 24 people passed, the day before yesterday 10. There are about a hundred in line, and people keep coming. That is, the law was passed, people want to update their data, but they can’t do it», — she wrote.

According to the woman, her youngest son needs to update his documents, but he could not get there because of the queue on the third attempt. They took the line at about 6:20 in the morning, but if they don’t succeed again, they’ll have to come even earlier.

In the comments, the author of the post said that we were talking about the Solomensky TCC in Kyiv and invited journalists there to they talked about the existing problem.

We would like to remind you that it was previously reported what will happen to consular services for men of mobilization age: explanation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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