• 21/05/2024 19:44

Powerful US weapons are already in Ukraine: it became known what decision Biden secretly made

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According to information confirmed by the Pentagon, ATACMS missiles are already on the territory of Ukraine.

About this information reported the telegram news service of Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

The country received them as part of the secret approval of President Biden in February. The missiles were included in a $300 million military aid package announced March 12.

They were quietly delivered to Ukraine earlier this month, according to Pentagon spokesman Garron Garn.

< p>It should be noted that this decision was part of US efforts to support Ukraine in the context of the worsening conflict with Russia. The Ukrainian Armed Forces received these missiles to improve their defense and ability to operate on their territory.

ATACMS missiles  represent a powerful missile defense weapon capable of hitting targets over long distances with high accuracy. Their presence in the arsenal of the Ukrainian armed forces significantly increases their defense capabilities and demonstrates American support for the country in the fight for its sovereignty.

The Pentagon does not disclose the exact locations of the missile deployment, but emphasizes that their presence will help strengthen Ukraine's defensive positions and ensuring its security.

This action also sends a clear message about the US intentions to support its allies and protect the international order from violations.

Recall that Zelensky supported Macron’s idea of ​​​​sending troops to Ukraine: details.

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