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In Transcarpathia, a man kidnapped by TCC cut his wrists: what is known

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George Mazurash reported this information on Facebook, reports URA-Inform.

The scientist from Kyiv was removed from the military register, but at the TCC in Transcarpathia he was given a new military ID and declared fit for service. People's Deputy from Bukovina Georgiy Mazurash said that before this he was kidnapped in the middle of the night straight from the hotel, allegedly for trying to illegally cross the border. In Transcarpathia, he was kept in the basement of the TCC.

According to him, the man showed the representatives of the TCC his military ID, which had a note indicating that he had been deregistered in the capital's TCC.

«On the second day, they issued him a new military ID instead of the confiscated one, issued a «suitability», signed for a citizen (because he refused to sign). At night we were taken by bus to a military unit near Lvov. They didn’t take him there,” the deputy continued.

Next he was taken to the Rivne region, but they didn’t accept him there either, because « they saw that the man was not for military service». As Mazurash stated, from where the scientist was taken again to the TCC in Transcarpathia.

According to the people's deputy, the man called the police and wrote a statement, but « the police laughed something with their military acquaintances and left.

When the citizen was brought to the VLK, they mocked him there and ignored his information about his health problems. Out of emotion, he began to rush with a knife (he had it in his pocket) at those doctors who ignored him, and cut his wrists.

We recall that it was previously reported that it was not an easy way out of Avdiivka: there are cases of our military being hit captured.

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