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In Ukraine they want to introduce another fine for drivers: the media found out what they will have to pay 50,000 for

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Fines for refusing to allow specialized vehicles to pass can rise to 51,000 hryvnia, and drivers face a potential deprivation of license for 5-10 years .

This information was reported on the website of the city of Kamenskoye, reports URA-Inform.

Draft law No. 11111, aimed at significantly increasing liability for violating the rules for providing priority to vehicles with this right, was registered in the Verkhovna Rada .

According to the proposed bill, fines for failure to provide priority to specialized transport, such as ambulances, police, fire brigade and emergency services that move with signaling devices turned on, could be increased to 17-25.5 thousand hryvnia.

< p>The bill also provides for fines for refusal to give priority to route transport and for driving in or stopping in a public transport lane. If the violation poses a threat to human life or health, the fine may be 34-51 thousand hryvnia. The driver also faces deprivation of his license for a period of 5-10 years.

The explanatory note to the bill notes that failure to provide priority to specialized transport impedes its operational work. Emergency medical care, in particular, must be provided in a timely manner, which is critically important for saving human lives.

Currently, the fine for not letting an ambulance or police pass is only 680 hryvnia, while in the United States it reaches $700.

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