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Iran issues an ultimatum to the UN Security Council on Israel: details

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Iran makes a demand to the UN Security Council: condemn Israel's attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

This information was reported by Iran's UN mission on Twitter, reports URA-Inform.

If the above is not implemented, then Tehran threatens to take retaliatory measures to the attack. Obviously, we are talking about an attack either on Israel itself or on those who are somehow connected with it.

«If the UN Security Council had condemned the Zionist regime's act of aggression against our diplomatic facilities in Damascus and held the perpetrators accountable, Iran might have been able to do without the need to punish this rogue regime.&# 187;, — Iran's mission states.

According to information, on April 1, Israel carried out a powerful airstrike on the central Mezze neighborhood in the center of Damascus, Syria. The Iranian consulate was completely destroyed as a result of the attack.

In addition, the neighboring residence of the Iranian ambassador was damaged in the attack, but the ambassador himself remained unharmed. The incident killed 11 people, including 7 Iranians, 2 Lebanese and 2 Syrians.

It later became known that seven of the Iranians killed were members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including senior IRGC Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

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