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The Russian Federation will powerfully strengthen its army: British intelligence has named the number of future contract soldiers

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The military leadership of the Russian Federation is preparing a powerful strengthening of its army.

This information is stated in the ministry’s summary defense of Britain on the social network X, reports URA-Inform.  

According to the British, the spring conscription in the Russian Federation began on April 1. During the spring, the occupiers plan to draft about 150 thousand soldiers aged 18 to 30 into the army. These figures correspond to those of previous years.

«Conscripts serve in garrisons throughout Russia. In ground units, they usually form a battalion separate from the battalions staffed by contract soldiers. Some conscripts are likely serving in Russia, adjacent to the Ukrainian border, in border security units», — writes British intelligence.

The British Ministry of Defense noted that the Russian troops in Ukraine are staffed by contract soldiers and some reservists who were mobilized at the end of 2022. As noted in intelligence, conscripts are usually pressured to sign a contract and then they would be responsible for service in Ukraine.

Probably, the Russian Federation does not want to risk losses among conscripts, since such a step is «unpopular». At the same time, losses of volunteers are perceived by society more tolerantly.

«Russia is striving recruit about 400 thousand contract military personnel in 2024. This is necessary to maintain its troops in Ukraine, which have suffered huge losses, and to support announced plans to increase the size of the armed forces to 1.32 million this year and to 1.5 million in the future», — British intelligence added.

Recall that it was previously reported how many Poles are ready to support sending troops to Ukraine: a poll showed the result.

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