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The first symptoms of dementia are named: what cannot be ignored

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How to recognize the first symptoms of dementia:  the doctor named the signs that cannot be ignored.

This information was reported by Uapress, reports URA-Inform.  

As neuropsychologist Elise Caccappolo explained, starting from the age of 30, the human brain gradually decreases in size, but this happens very slowly. However, sometimes changes go beyond normal age-related cognitive decline. In this case, we may already be talking about dementia.

According to her, the main principle that will help distinguish normal forgetfulness from a dangerous disease is the frequency of symptoms. There are several key signs.

Inability to remember information just received

Everyone forgets little things from time to time, but as you develop dementia, you have trouble retaining new information. And to such an extent that it affects everyday life. This may manifest itself in asking the same question, an inability to remember details of a TV show you just watched, difficulty learning new tasks.

Problems managing finances

This includes the ability to pay bills, check savings, and think abstractly. People with dementia have problems with math and misjudge expenses.

The ability to get lost in familiar places

Memory loss and visual and spatial difficulties can lead to disorientation, making it easy for people with dementia to become lost, even when walking or driving to places they have been hundreds of times.

Confusion relative to time and day

In this case, a person starts having breakfast, but then realizes that it is time for dinner, or cannot remember the day of the week without looking at the calendar. Patients with more advanced dementia may get up in the middle of the night and get dressed. It may also become increasingly difficult to know what time of year or even what year it is.

Visuospatial problems

Atrophy of the part of the brain that processes visual information can lead to problems with visual perception, causing falls, problems driving safely and judging distances and colors.

Inability to remember words< /p>

In addition to forgetting names and having difficulty remembering new information, people with dementia may not be able to find a word for a familiar object, such as a clock or refrigerator. They may also stop mid-sentence and be unable to continue the conversation.

Constantly losing things

When a person without dementia loses their keys, they able to remember where I last held them in my hands, or think about where they might be. But for a person with dementia, such deductive steps are not feasible, leading to frustration and suspicion that the items have been «stolen».

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