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It became known why Zelensky was in conflict with Zaluzhny: BILD named the reasons

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Paul Ronzheimer reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

BILD Deputy Editor-in-Chief Paul Ronzheimer, who has often visited Ukraine and communicated with officials since the beginning of the Russian invasion, spoke about the reasons for the disagreement between Zelensky and Zaluzhny.

He noted that at first Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky stayed away from the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation during the battle for Kiev and trusted the military. However, subsequently he «became more self-confident» and, together with his advisers, began to intervene more often in detailed military issues.

According to the journalist, Zelensky in particular intervened in discussions about how long to hold certain settlements, such as Bakhmut.

According to Paul Ronzheimer, Zaluzhny wanted to withdraw the army from Bakhmut a year ago, but Zelensky was against it for political reasons. In addition, the general doubted the success of the 2023 summer counteroffensive, speaking about the insufficient number of Western weapons. However, Ukraine’s allies insisted on an offensive, which “turned out to be a mistake.”

We recall that it was previously reported that it became known who secretly visited Kyiv on the day of Zaluzhny’s resignation: the media revealed the details.

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