• 22/06/2024 21:33

Macron asks for a truce in the Russian war against Ukraine: the president turned to one person

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As the Paris Olympics approach, French President Emmanuel Macron is actively involved in diplomatic efforts to bring peace to Ukraine state.

This information was reported by BFMTV, reports URA-Inform.

In the face of ongoing conflict, he is putting forward the innovative idea of ​​the Olympic Truce, seeking to use the sporting event as a means to urgently promote peace and stability.

Macron is confident that this initiative will attract the attention of the world community to the need for a ceasefire, even if it is only a temporary measure. Emphasizing the power of sport to unite people and nations, the French President considers the Olympic Games an ideal moment to emphasize the value of peace.

In addition, he intends to appeal to international leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, with the hope of cooperation in achieving a truce. Xi Jinping's visit to Paris will provide a unique opportunity to discuss this issue and develop a joint action plan. Macron is also confident that the «Olympic Truce» will help ease tensions and encourage dialogue between conflicting parties, providing an opportunity for mutual understanding.

His hope is that the Paris Olympics will become a symbol of unity and hope for the world, as well as part of a strategy to strengthen security both in Europe and beyond. Macron calls on the world community to support his initiative and work together for the common good, considering the «Olympic Truce» an important step towards a long-term resolution of the conflict and strengthening international relations.

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