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Worms under the skin due to a mosquito: in Ukraine, a woman fell ill with dirofilariasis

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The cause was mosquito bites six months ago.

This information was reported by the Krivoy Rog district department of the Dnepropetrovsk regional center control and prevention of diseases, reports URA-Inform.  

At the beginning of March 2024, the first case of dirofilariasis in humans was recorded in Krivoy Rog. It is reported that there is an excessive increase in mosquito activity in the city. This increases the likelihood of contracting this serious disease.

A local resident who was diagnosed with heartworm disease reported recurring mosquito bites in October — November 2023. Then the woman began complaining of periodic swelling, pain, a crawling sensation, and a tumor-like formation in the area of ​​her left temple. She went to the city hospital in March.

She was recommended to have an ultrasound, which subsequently confirmed the presence of a foreign body. After surgery, a thread-like helminth with a milky white color of 11 cm was removed, and a diagnosis of “Dyrofilariasis, subcutaneous form” was established. After a laboratory study, it was established that the seized biomaterial was identified as a female helminth.

We recall that it was previously reported what the threat of early warming in Ukraine is: an entomologist warned about the risks.

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