• 25/04/2024 04:28

Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine congratulated Ukrainians on the New Year and warned about what awaits us in 2024

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Maxim Zhorin reported this information in TG, URA-Inform reports.  

Armed Forces Major Maxim Zhorin began his New Year’s greetings not very cheerfully:

«I don’t like living in the past, so I don’t want to write about the results of 2023 – it’s better to plan for 2024. We should expect even greater trials from him, but for a country in a state of war, for a country that wants to win, this is normal.

He told what, in his opinion, depends on directly our victory over the Russians:

«I am still confident that the main factor in victory is our character. A nation that once realized itself not as buckwheat sowers, but as warriors, has no right to go back.”

Next, the Armed Forces of Ukraine major spoke soberly with the truth about the harsh reality:

«It is important to move away from dreams of “summer in Crimea” so that expectations do not turn into disappointment. Ukrainians need a sober look at reality and actions so that dreams become this reality. Be realistic and be strong in the new year!»

Recall that it was previously reported what the future awaits Ukraine in 2024: Western media have rearranged the alarming picture.

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