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Mathematicians and astrologers have calculated the year the war in Ukraine ended: the process will be smooth

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Astrologer Alexey Kirichenko believes that the intensity of the winding down of the war is great, and it will come into force this spring.

This information was reported by Tsn, reports URA-Inform.  

According to his forecasts, there are no plans to start a war. He noted that in May of this year there will be one of the stages of a smooth end to the war. It will last from May 17, 2024 to March 5, 2025.

&# 171;By the summer of 2025, while the planets are in the sign of Pisces, a lot of processes will occur smoothly. This May will mark one of the stages of a smooth end to the war. Most likely, military escalation will decrease; most likely, they will agree not to bomb cities or launch an offensive. In my forecasts, I called this the end of the hot phase of the war and the beginning of the static», — Kirichenko said.

According to him, all these processes will be supported by negotiations in May. The astrologer also does not predict the onset of summer.

It is worth adding that at the beginning of 2024, the mathematician-«prophet» Grigory Kvasha said that 2025 will be a victorious year for Ukraine. He calculated this year by calculating the final date using numbers, years and various events.

We recall that it was previously reported that the situation at the front began to change – Zhdanov spoke about insides from the military.

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