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The Cabinet of Ministers is preparing to increase the electricity tariff: the people's deputy announced the price framework

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The Cabinet of Ministers is considering the possibility of increasing electricity tariffs for the population.

This information was reported by Espreso, reports URA-Inform.  

Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy Alexey Kucherenko noted that this issue will still be discussed in the Ukrainian government.

«The government is actually preparing to increase the price of electricity for the population. My forecast is that this will happen from the first of June. I know that the Cabinet of Ministers is discussing a price in the range of 3.5-4 hryvnia. That is, approximately one and a half times», — he said.

Kucherenko also said that discussions will continue with the government so that it makes public the calculations of the new electricity tariff.

Electricity tariffs

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said at a government meeting on April 26 that the cost of electricity will remain unchanged until May 31, 2024. Consequently, the price of light for the population will be 2 hryvnia 64 kopecks per kilowatt.

«We leave this price unchanged. The regulation on imposing special responsibilities on participants in the electricity market will be extended until May 31», — stated the Prime Minister.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Energy Svetlana Grinchuk also stated that as of today there are no plans to revise electricity tariffs for household consumers in Ukraine.

The official emphasized that the department continues to monitor the energy situation. She noted that now there are facilities in Ukraine that can be partially restored. In addition, the Ministry of Energy is working with partners to supply the necessary equipment and is looking for it in its reserves.

Gas tariffs

In April, a resolution was approved maintaining preferential gas prices for heat and hot water suppliers to the population until the end of summer. In addition, the company «Neftegaz» extended the preferential tariff on blue fuel for the population. Accordingly, the price for gas in May will be seven hryvnia 96 kopecks per cubic meter.

«This month we approved a resolution that maintains a preferential gas price for suppliers of heat and hot water for the population until the end summer», — he noted.

Water supply tariffs

Water prices will also not change in May, despite the fact that NERC has repeatedly tried to increase tariffs for this type of utility services. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in each region the cost of water supply is different. This depends on several factors: the cost of electricity, access to water resources, the price of reagents, etc.

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