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Mirror date 03/30/2024: what not to do and how to make a wish

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On Saturday, a mirror date awaits us – 03/30/2024, full of magical meaning, on which a portal of new opportunities will open.

This information was reported by Radiotrek, reports URA-Inform.  

It is important to use the power of this day to the maximum. On this day, do not miss a second of precious time and manage to do as much as possible. Moreover, the more kindness and good emotions you give to people, the more will come back to you.

Number 3 in numerology is about adventure, social connections, spiritual growth. With a three you can implement many creative projects. Number 3 does not tolerate tediousness, everything should come from the soul and be easy to do.

On the mirror date it is important:

— make plans, build projects and dream;

— do any procedures for beauty and health;

— spend the day with your loved ones;

— make peace with those with whom you are in a quarrel; convenient time for meditation and spiritual practices.

At the same time, you shouldn’t think about bad things on a mirror date, because all the bad thoughts and wishes for other people may come back to you. Avoid abuse and quarrels; conflict situations and clarifying relationships;

Mirror date: how to make a wish

On the eve of the mirror date, you can write a dream on a white piece of paper, put it in a bowl with drinking water and leave overnight on the windowsill. In the morning, it is recommended to drink this water on an empty stomach, and bury the piece of paper in a deserted place.

You can also go out into the open at night and take an apple with you. Cut it in half and throw one of the halves behind your back. Eat the other one along with the seeds, mentally saying what you want.

Spend the entire mirror day as if the wish has already come true. Be in a good mood, try to feel how to get what you wished for. Look in the mirror more often, admiring the reflection of yourself, a successful person.

Recall that it was previously reported that the length of the earth’s day may change: scientists have explained what affects this.

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