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The Russian Federation is preparing for a new offensive: Zelensky warned when it all starts

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Vladimir Zelensky, the head of Ukraine, confirmed information that recently appeared in the media about the Russian Federation’s preparations for a possible new major offensive .

Zelensky announced this in his speech on the CBS News channel, URA-Inform reports.

The President noted that such an offensive could begin at the end of May or June. He also said that the situation on the front line has now been stabilized thanks to the efforts of the Defense Forces.

According to him, the situation has become better compared to several months ago, when the Ukrainian defenders lacked artillery ammunition and other weapons . «We didn’t have shells, artillery and much more», — the head of state emphasized.

Despite successfully containing the enemy earlier, Zelensky noted that Ukraine is not ready for a possible new Russian offensive. In this regard, he expressed the need for urgent supplies of military assistance from international partners.

During a conversation with journalists while in the Sumy region, about 24 km from the Russian border, where Zelensky inspected the new defensive positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces , he also noted that Russian artillery systems have an advantage not only in numbers, but also in firing range. He emphasized the need to be prepared for any possible attacks and called for preparation.

Zelensky also noted that at the moment Ukraine most needs modern air defense systems and artillery. He also drew attention to the fact that 75% of the financial resources allocated by the United States for Ukraine remain in the United States. «This ammunition comes to us, but the production happens there, and the money stays in the US», — the president explained.

Recall that Putin threatened that the Russian Federation could attack Ukraine’s allies: the condition was named.

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