• 13/06/2024 02:37

More than 10 tornadoes hit the United States: the consequences for Oklahoma are known

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Strong tornadoes ripped through the central United States, leaving behind destruction and loss of life. In the state of Oklahoma, which became the epicenter of the natural disaster, the wind was so strong that it swept houses off their foundations and uprooted trees.

As URA-Inform reports, citing Reuters, one person died. and several were injured as a result of this storm.

About 40 homes in Oklahoma were damaged by the elements, and a gas leak occurred in one of the cities, which further complicated the situation. It is known that houses were destroyed, power lines were damaged, and cars were scattered along the road.

According to official data, more than 16 thousand homes and businesses were left without electricity. In just one night, at least 17 tornadoes were recorded, which affected not only Oklahoma, but also the neighboring state of Missouri.

Information on damage to the United States continues to be clarified.

Remember, in Ukraine there are possible new frosts: the weather forecaster named the date and regions.

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