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Russian troops received a special order for May 9: Bild showed footage after new battles

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According to Bild analyst Julian Repke, the Russian military has at least partially captured the village of Umanskoye, west of Avdeevka. It was possible to record that Russian soldiers raised the flag of the USSR in the village.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Bild.

Previously, the Ukrainian Armed Forces held a position on the Berdychi line — Semyonovka — Orlovka – Thin after the loss of Avdeevka, but by the end of March Russian soldiers broke through this line and advanced further to the west.

In response, the Ukrainian Armed Forces took up defense in neighboring villages to the west, including Umansky. But now the village is also under the control of the occupiers. Because of this, a red flag of the USSR with the image of a hammer and sickle was installed on the monument to those killed in World War II.

“The invaders were able to pass the defense line of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Orlovka. Now we see that because of this, the flag of the Soviet Union appeared on the monument in the center of Umansky. However, it is important to emphasize that according to available data, the Russian Federation was not able to take the entire village. The western and southern parts are still under the protection of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It was possible to establish that the Russian Federation is zealously attacking the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces east of Umansky,” — told Repke.

Recall that Ukraine is threatened by a new shortage of air defense forces: The Telegraph called the most dangerous period.

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