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The Russian Federation will ban some Ukrainians from living in the occupied lands: it is known who this will affect

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Russian authorities are compiling “registers” of Mariupol residents who will be prohibited from returning to the city. These measures are being taken due to fears about the possible strengthening of the activities of Ukrainian “agents”.

URA-Inform reports this, citing the CNS.

The source notes that these registers concern those who are subject to deportation and those who will lose the right to return.

“The occupiers are afraid of the return of representatives of the Defense Forces, so they create these lists. This is another crime of Russia, people are prohibited from living in their hometown, which was destroyed and captured by the occupiers,” — added to organizations.

At the same time, emigrants from Russia and Central Asia are brought to Mariupol, which leads to a change in the demographic structure of the region. Many experts emphasize that the Russian Federation is conducting a targeted campaign to change the composition of the population in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. This creates another challenge that Ukraine will have to respond to after the victory.

Recall that Russian troops received a special order for May 9: Bild showed footage after new battles.

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