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Ukraine is threatened by a new shortage of air defense forces: The Telegraph called the most dangerous period

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Ukrainian supporters in the US Congress should speed up the supply of missiles, especially for air defense. Otherwise, Ukrainian air defense may again be left without means for reliable protection from shelling.

URA-Inform reports this, citing The Telegraph.

The source notes that the United States may stop supporting Ukraine so actively if Donald Trump wins the presidential election. That is why the current US leadership needs to significantly increase the current supply volumes.

In February, the Russian Air Force attempted to establish air control over a 600-mile front line, which changed the balance of power in the air. This occurred in the context of a delay in American assistance, including air defense systems.

“Without help from the United States, Ukrainian anti-aircraft batteries quickly used up their best missiles. The point is not that the Russians have become stronger, but that Ukraine's reserves have been depleted. Obviously, when the United States finally resolved its internal problems and was able to restore supplies to Ukraine, anti-aircraft missiles were first on the list,” — the source notes.

Recall that the situation at the front began to change – Zhdanov spoke about inside information from the military.

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