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Help for Ukraine is delayed: the President of the Czech Republic named the timing and revealed the cause of the problems

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Czech President Petr Pavel said that Ukraine, within the framework of the Czech initiative, will be able to receive the first batch of ammunition in June this year.

URA-Inform reports this, citing ARD.

“Prime Minister Petr Fiala and I expect that the first batch, consisting of almost 180,000 units of ammunition, will arrive in June , and subsequently contracts will be concluded for a significantly larger number of shells,” — Pavel noted.

According to his statement, the delays are largely due to competition that arose due to the disclosure of the Czech Republic's efforts to urgently search for ammunition. Ukraine's partners had to speak out openly to attract more countries to this initiative, but this also allowed Russia to have a negative influence.

The head of the Czech Republic said that the Russian Federation is supposedly significantly stronger than Ukraine, so he emphasized the importance of Western support for Ukraine . Pavel noted that the longer the Russian Federation sees the possibility of military success, the less grounds it has for peace negotiations.

It is worth noting that in the future Ukraine will be able to receive approximately 500 thousand artillery shells, thanks to the mentioned initiative of the Czech Republic.

Recall that Stoltenberg made a loud statement about the possibility of deploying NATO troops in Ukraine.

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