• 25/06/2024 10:31

Murder of a policeman in Vinnytsia region: it became known who is in the video

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The Ukrainian Ground Forces stated that in the video, which was probably taken from a police body camera after the shooting of a patrol in the Vinnytsia region on the night of April 20, military personnel from one of the brigades are present.

This information was reported on Telegram Ground forces, reports URA-Inform.  

In their note on Telegram, the Ground Forces noted that they would assist law enforcement agencies in the investigation of the crime. At the same time, the military did not disclose the names of the possible attackers.

«In the video, which is being distributed in the media, there are military personnel from one of the military units of the Ground Forces troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ground Forces Command will provide maximum assistance in a comprehensive and impartial investigation into the murder of a policeman», — the message says.

In addition, the Ground Forces expressed condolences to the family of the deceased policeman Maxim Zaretsky.

«We bow our heads in mourning together with the employees of the National Police of Ukraine, who with us carry out tasks to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. This is an irreparable loss; those responsible for this crime must suffer the most severe punishment», — noted in the command.

We recall that it was previously reported that they wanted to commit an assassination attempt on Zelensky: the SBU said that it was already known.

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