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“Naked” entertainment in Ukraine: Transcarpathia hosted its own scandalous corporate party (video)

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Journalist Vitaly Glagola reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

On Thursday, January 4, the network was outraged by a video of a group of young people relaxing. The published video shows several young men and a woman dancing completely naked in front of the public.

Only one of the “dancers” at the New Year’s corporate party was wearing only socks. Also in the video you can see that some of the spectators joyfully clap their hands, and some are dancing – but a little further and dressed.

Journalist Vitaly Glagola managed to find out that the party took place in the conference room of the Izki eco-resort in Transcarpathia. It was rented by a company of 38 people from abroad — they allegedly wanted to hold yoga classes there. The organizer was a resident of Kiev — The event was called “New Year’s Love Camp. A tale of tales.”

The event took place on New Year’s Eve, and the camp participants were mostly residents of the capital, Glagola added. It is reported that people abandoned the service staff and held the event themselves.


Recall that it was previously reported that Kabaeva was at an “almost naked” party: will the athlete be punished (photo).< /p>
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