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What will happen if Ukraine does not mobilize the required number of people: Zaluzhny warned the population

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This information was reported by Focus, reports URA-Inform.

< p>Zaluzhny emphasized the importance of replenishing the ranks of the Ukrainian army with an appropriate number of soldiers, promising that training recruits would take 80 days, and noted that it was not necessary to attract people from the colonies.

The general expressed his disagreement with some of the proposals presented in bill from the Cabinet of Ministers, condemning the presence of «prisoners and convicted persons» in the army, because, in his opinion, there is no place for such people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He also explained that mobilized Ukrainians will be prepared for military service for at least 80 days, while emphasizing the importance of preserving the lives of everyone person. The general drew attention to the need to take decisive steps, since otherwise Ukraine may have to hire soldiers abroad, asking the deputies:

& #171;Who should I fight with? Or turn to the world and ask people there, or you go to war if you don’t provide»

Let us remind you that you will lose everything – an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warned that he is waiting for those who “mow down” from the army .

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