• 17/04/2024 20:44

NATO is ready to shoot down Russian missiles: what decision did the nearby countries come to?

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The possibility of responding to border violations by Russia is being discussed within the North Atlantic Alliance, especially after the incident with the penetration of a Russian missile into Polish airspace .

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Andrzej Szejna, expressed this position in an interview with Radio RMF24, reports URA-Inform.

He clarified that various response strategies are currently being discussed , including the possibility of neutralizing missiles near the borders of the Alliance, but taking into account the opinion of Ukraine and understanding of the international consequences.

Sheina emphasized the need to show Russia that the allies are ready to set their own rules, and to prevent Moscow from setting aggressive demands.< /p>

He also expressed serious concern about the threats emanating from the Russian leadership, noting that Vladimir Putin has shown a readiness to take decisive action. Assessing the incident with the violation of Polish airspace, Sheina pointed to its strategic nature, viewing it as an attempt by the Kremlin to test the readiness of the Polish army.

Recall that Ukraine is discussing options for ending the war with Russia, – Scholz.

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