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A deputy and a military man are sounding the alarm about an “epidemic” in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: 9 out of 10 soldiers have problems

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The People's Deputy and the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier named an unexpected problem of the Ukrainian military at the front.

This information was reported by TG «Insider», reports URA-Inform.  

Aero reconnaissance soldier of the 59th brigade Pavel Petrichenko reported that there is an “epidemic of gambling addiction” in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

&#171 ;I wonder what needs to happen for the epidemic of gambling addiction to be noticed in Ukrainian society and, especially, in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which was caused by idiots who launched an uncontrolled online casino market. If you decide to legalize crap, then at least control it,” he wrote.

In turn, the military man proposed introducing a register and verification of players for the duration of martial law, limiting users who receive salaries from military units.

People's Deputy Alexey Goncharenko claims that «9 out of 10 soldiers on the front line have problems with a casino or betting».

«Money is lost. Then they take out loans. And so on in a circle. This is an issue that is destroying military morale right now. But besides this, it creates a problem for later. The man spent a year or two on the front line. There I received conditionally from 60 to 150 thousand hryvnia. Instead of buying a home, investing, or simply saving money, I lost everything. Then he will return back to civilian life, and there will be nothing. Increased sense of justice. Misunderstanding of society. Plus, there is nothing yet – it will make him an ideal target for the criminal world,” he wrote.

Recall that it was previously reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to suffer even more losses: an insider revealed that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation activated at the front.

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