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Netflix staged a provocation in a new series: the network is outraged by the vulgar trick

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The streaming service Netflix is ​​at the center of a scandal over the final episode of the six-episode series “A Full-Length Man.”

URA-Inform reports this, citing the Daily Mail.

Netflix was subject to heavy criticism when viewers saw the 6th episode of the mentioned series.  In particular, the audience was unpleasantly surprised by the final scene, when the naked actor shows off his erect penis.

The indecent scene is preceded by an episode when Raymond Pipgrass and Martha Crocker madly make love. Then Charlie Crocker bursts into their room and — sexual intercourse is interrupted.

At first, Tom Pelphrey's character covers himself using a sheet, but then throws it off — and his genitals are exposed.

It is believed that this is the first such case on British television. The taboo of showing an “erect penis” was broken in mainstream drama — however, no prior warnings about the episode that caused the scandal were demonstrated. It is noted that children could also have seen the footage.

For such a violation, Netflix risks being fined 250,000 pounds sterling. Experts note that it may come to more stringent restrictions.

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