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How to avoid stroke and heart attack: dangerous signs of atherosclerosis named

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Excess «bad» cholesterol blocks the passage of blood through the vessels.

This information was reported by U-news, reports URA-Inform.  

As a result, oxygen and nutrients in the blood cannot reach the heart, leading to a heart attack. If blood flow to the brain stops, a stroke occurs.

Doctors warn that before this happens, signs of atherosclerosis usually appear. This is a chronic disease that affects vital arteries. With it, a gradual deposition of cholesterol occurs in the wall of the vessel, resulting in a plaque. It narrows the lumen of the vessel and leads to a decrease in blood flow.

Signs of atherosclerosis are a kind of warning that you should pay attention to and take care of your health. Experts from the British organization British Heart Foundation identify six dangerous  «warning signs»:

— chest pain;

— pain in any of the limbs where there may be a blockage of the artery;

— difficulty breathing;

— fatigue;

— confusion caused by blood not flowing to the brain;

— weakness in muscles.

Experts remind that bad habits (smoking, lack of physical activity, excess weight and a large amount of fat in the diet) increase the level of «bad» cholesterol in the blood.

Unfortunately, there are no treatments that can stop or reverse atherosclerosis. However, medications and lifestyle changes can slow its progression and reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Recall that it was previously reported that it accelerates external aging significantly: a popular product that is dangerous to youth has been named.

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