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New forecast for the war in Ukraine: analyst warned that it will begin before November

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Military analyst Ruslan Leviev commented on expectations about the possible development of the front in Ukraine by the summer.

About this information was reported by The Insider Live resource, URA-Inform reports.

He emphasized that one should not trust «horror stories» about a large offensive from Russia by the summer, since currently the Russian Federation lacks either sufficient forces or the necessary resources for this.

The head of the Conflict Intelligence Team presented his vision of the development of events on the fronts of Ukraine in the current year. He explained that the main reason for the lack of major changes at the front is the huge shortage of equipment in Russia, as well as the lack of production to meet the needs of the front.

Leviev also emphasized that a second wave of mobilization is not currently taking place in Russia, and this is unlikely to happen before November. He noted that the current flow of volunteers mainly compensates for losses, and does not allow for an increase in forces.

The expert’s forecast for the current year is that the war in Ukraine will continue. , but without major changes at the front. Battles will take place, equipment will be lost, but neither an offensive nor a crushing breakthrough is expected.

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