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When Israel will respond to Iran's attack: the government official has had his say

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Israel's Minister of War Cabinet, Benny Gantz, said that Israel will not remain unresponsive to Iran's attack, but the answer will come in its own time time.

This information was reported by The Times of Israel resource, reports URA-Inform.

According to Gantz, the country must now focus on strengthening the strategic alliance and regional cooperation, which played a key role in containing yesterday's Iranian attack.

He stressed that Iran poses a global problem and a regional challenge, and is danger to Israel. However, yesterday's show of support from the global community suggests that Israel is not alone in this fight.

«Israel against Iran, the world against Iran — this is our victory. This is a strategic achievement that we must use to ensure Israel's security», — he noted.

Gantz spoke of the need to strengthen the strategic alliance and regional cooperation system, which became a pillar during the last attack.

«Yesterday, Israel proved that it is the pillar of military and technological power, as well as the pillar of security in the Middle East», — he added.

The minister stressed that Israel will respond to Iran for yesterday's attack by creating a regional coalition and demanding a price from Iran for its actions.

«We will unite and become stronger against the threat of Iran, and we will respond in a way and at a time that suits us» , — Gantz said.

He also recalled that Israel has not yet completed all of its tasks, such as returning hostages and ensuring the safety of residents of the north and south of the country.

«We will continue our campaign with determination and responsibility. Together we will win», — assured the minister.

Recall that Bezuglaya got into a new scandal because of its position on payments to the families of fallen soldiers.

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